A revolutionary skincare breakthrough, Sage Pharmaceuticals Inc. USA has developed a patented technology, ATDS (Amphiphilic Transdermal Delivery System) that allows highly effective penetration of skincare formula into the skin. The research team found an amazing discovery by combining high concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid and penetration enhancer ATDS. The results are a proven formula to combat melasma (pigmentation).

Skinfinity skincare are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients clinically proven to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of the skin. The active ingredients are selected based on how they interact with each other, on skin, and within the formula itself. The ingredient combination, delivery system, and formula of a well-designed product can optimize the effectiveness of its ingredients.

Hair Dr. is an advanced hair loss system developed to give results. Its unique, patented Nano Technology delivery system uses an Active Peptide complex that delivers the formula directly to the root of the problem, to strengthen and nourish your hair and provide an effective re-growth platform.

Clinlux Derma Cosmetics is an After Laser Care range developed by Daeju Meditech Engineering Co., Ltd.  The company being a pioneer in the manufacturing of medical equipments specialising in dermatology lasers, understand the need for an effective post laser treatment to speed up the recovery of patients skin. Its unique formula promotes healthy skin regeneration, restore the hydration and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Brush On Block® is a natural mineral powder sunscreen that offers SPF30 protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It was created to be an all-natural, non-irritating, easy-to- use alternative to normal sunscreen lotions, without the drawbacks. It can be worn either underneath or on top of makeup, and it won’t leave any greasy residue.